THANK YOU! To all the volunteers who helped with the New Yellow Slide Playscape Build in Deer Ridge.

Yellow Slide Park 005
Yellow Slide Park 011
Yellow Slide Park 074
Yellow Slide Park 103

Deer Ridge Yellow Slide Park Playscape Sept 21,2013
Deer Ridge Yellow Slide Park Playscape Sept 21,2013

Deer Ridge Yellow Slide Park Playscape Oct 19,2013
Deer Ridge Yellow Slide Park Playscape Oct 19,2013

Yellow Slide Park 240

Thank you to all of the volunteers and organizations that helped the Deer Ridge Community Association successfully replace the Yellow Slide Park Playscape.

Thank you to: John Wilkening, Fred Harrison, Gord Miller, Bob Hall, Niels Tonder, Dawn Wallace, Margaret Dawkins, Brent Dawkins, Roy Franco, Barb Chapin, Gilberto Caguait, Ron Wolfe, Tran Miguel, Rose Naegeli, Dale Ramsbottom, George Asmar, Craig Tonder, Marc Hudon, Laische Zimmerman, Yuexue (Winnie) Zang, Frank Danihel, Rupal Gandhi, Wendi McAfee, Karen Stevenson, Cory Tait, David Kristensen, Paul Koillert, Adolpho Scollo, Jim Keiver, Laura Rivero, Erica Good, Greg Glenn, Sean Somers, Yvonne Bergmann, Dawson Stillinger, Bryce Kuhn, Genn Wallace,
Mike Heyworth ,Stacy Heyworth, Gustavo Cristancho, Larry Lemieux, Samantha Keiver, Dawn Pollyck, Cydney Hall, Lorne Burke, Josh Mendis, Collette Quinn-Hall, Matthew Stark, Peter Boyco, Nicholas Meier, Brian Lind, Morgan Pollyck, Eric Harrison.

Along with the volunteers, we also need to thank the City of Calgary-Parks (Sheldon and his crew), our CRC-Lisa P., our Parks Community Liaison-Guy B., The Parks Foundation, Propellus and the geoLOGIC Systems Volunteers, BDI Play Designs, Pet Value, Blue Imp and our Ward 14 Councillor Peter Demong for coming out and helping to open the Yellow Slide Playscape.
A special thanks for supplying all the great food – Sylvia at Cornerstone Music & Café and Angie at 23rd Street Café .