Blue Imp photo shoot Saturday, Sept. 13th, 2014 (10am – 12pm)

Hello Parents

We are inviting your child to participate in a photo session at Yellow Slide Park.

Our playground has caught the eye of Blue Imp’s head office. They are so impressed with our design and our community spirit that they are sending a professional photographer to take photos of the structure with kids playing on it as well as close-ups of kids having fun on the equipment.  Parents or even grandparents are also welcome to participate. The photos may be used in the company’s catalogue as well as on the company website or facebook page. Some video footage may also be taken.

If you would like your child to participate please fill in the release form 2014 form and bring it with you the day of the photo shoot. Children without a completed and signed release form will not be allowed to participate in the photo session.

Note: For best results, the photographer recommends that children wear suitable play clothing with bright, bold colours. Avoid white, grey, brown or black for tops. Also avoid dresses, skirts and skorts if possible.

We look forward to having you participate!

Deer Ridge/Queensland/ Diamond Cove Community Clean Up -May 4, 2014 9 – 2 at Queensland Community Centre

Come out to the Queensland  Community Centre and get rid of your Junk , With the snow cover, we will have make a decision in the morning regarding  actual litter  clean up in the parks and on the ridge and move that to a later date and a dryer day.  Keep you posted.  -deerridgeca