Newsletter and crime watch

The December newsletter is now available. Thank-you to our volunteer newsletter coordinator, Gertrud! Gertrud is the author of our “Message from the Board” and coordinates any content submitted on behalf/through the community association.

The newsletter is delivered to every household in Deer Ridge. It is the one source we feel certain gets to every home in the community. If you have any suggestions for the newsletter or content you would like to submit, please contact us.

Please visit

Crime Prevention
Please report crime and suspicious activity. There are many methods of filing a report, including reporting online.

Our CPS Community Resource Officer, Constable Jon Guilloux is very keen to engage the community. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to discuss with Cst. Guilloux, please let us know or contact the Calgary Police Service District 6 office.

District 6 – Fairview
* 8325 Bonaventure Drive SE
Phone: 403-428-6600

Monday – Wednesday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Thursday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Closed statutory holidays​
*Please call ahead for assistance

Throwback Thursday

This year is the 40th Anniversary of the Deer Ridge Community Association!

(originally posted September 2013)

Do you have photos or special memories of Deer Ridge you would like share? Please contact and we can add them to this feature. If you would like to add comments or tell a story regarding the pictures, please include it with the submission.

Thank you to all of you who make this a wonderful place to live.

October is the month during which, over dinner together with family, we traditionally express our gratitude for a good harvest, food on our tables and the good fortune to live in a land where, for the most part, peace reigns, and work and food are available. This year, though many of us are struggling with even the basics, the cohort around our Thanksgiving tables may be smaller, and some of us have suffered losses, we know that we still have much for which we can be grateful. In our community of Deer Ridge, we would like to express thanks for the
• volunteers who keep things running,
• community that supports one another,
• friends who come out to help when we need them, sometimes fully unexpectedly,
• family who love and comfort us,
• neighbours who look out for us and give us a hand with things from time to time,
• strength to keep going, or sustained, and maybe even regained, health,
• complete strangers with helping hands that reach out to give assistance, and
• frontline workers who keep us safe.
Thank you to all of you who make this a wonderful place to live. Your hard work and thoughtfulness is valued and appreciated.

October 2020
October 2020