Love Where You Live – Litter Clean-up

June 5th, 2021 is World Environment Day.

Deer Ridge CA looks forward to organizing a community litter clean-up event next year in 2022. In the meantime, as individuals, any day is a great to get outside and remove litter from neighbourhood greenspaces. Maps of greenspaces can be downloaded here.

Litter Cleanup Kits (TLC Kits) are now available. Each kit contains enough supplies (gloves and garbage bags, etc) for up to 6 people in your household.

You may contact Deer Ridge Community Association to have a kit dropped off at your residence (while supplies last).

Visit for additional information and locations to pick-up kits or contact 311.

Park Shelter and Community Gardens

Community Gardens

Are you excited to enjoy fresh, organic, locally grown produce, this spring and summer? Can hardly wait to get your hands into the dirt and watch seedlings pop out of the ground? Well, there’s good news for you! It’s time to reserve your Deer Ridge Community Garden raised garden plot. Standard sized plots are 4’ x 8’ and still cost only $25 for the season, (plus your membership fee of $15, if you have not yet renewed). There are also a few smaller, but higher, raised beds, for those who prefer not to stoop while gardening.

Contact Bob Hall at to reserve your plot for this year.

Visit our Facebook page to catch up on the latest.

Proposed Park Shelter

The Deer Ridge Community Association is planning for installation of a park shelter at Yellow Slide Park on the corner of Deerview Drive and Deerview Place. The proposed park shelter location is just south of the playground within short distance of playground boundary.

The purpose of the installation is to provide shade and shelter from weather, as well as create an inviting gathering space. The proposed shelter would be metal roof with supporting posts as required on a concrete pad maximum size of 10.7m (35 ft) by 10.7m (35 ft). Your feedback is important, please email and let us know what your think about the proposed project. The image below is an example of similiar structure, this is not the final design.

Deer Ridge Community Association – Be Part of It!

Led by Your Neighbourhood Community Volunteers

Community associations (CAs) are led by volunteers – your neighbours! Deer Ridge CA is completely volunteer run by passionate folks in your neighbourhood. Deer Ridge CA engages residents for input on programs and services to offer, then raise the funds to deliver these wonderful opportunities to you!

Operate & Maintain Community Facilities and Amenities

Community association volunteers operate and maintain local outdoor rinks, community gardens, and tennis courts.

Advocate on Behalf of Community Voice

Community associations can act as a community voice in your neighbourhood. They engage residents on urban planning projects and can represent your community’s perspective at City of Calgary consultation meetings. CAs can also advocate on behalf of community voice on social, cultural, environmental and community issues.

Membership-Based Organization – We Need You

Community associations are membership-based. This means that though CAs are governed and operated by your community volunteers, they are accountable to their members. By becoming a member, not only do you enjoy access to free or low-cost programs, but your voice also influences what services community associations offer, advocacy efforts and the governance of an organization.

We look forward to welcoming you to Deer Ridge CA!

Tread carefully


The temperatures are just warm enough to melt nearby surface snow causing the sidewalks to get wet during the day and freeze and night. Sidewalk ice that isn’t fully melting during the day is soft and slick. Please tread carefully. There are many sidewalks having this daily melt/freeze cycle especially those alongside hills or large windrows.

The City of Calgary provides free sand-salt mix at fire station #19 – 13807 Parkland Blvd. S.E. “A sand-salt mixture called pickle is available for individual use on sidewalks bordering private properties.”