Starting the Conversation – pedestrian safety in Deer Ridge

Looking to start the conversation about pedestrian safety in Deer Ridge at the next meeting and have been given the go ahead to start talking! An early morning walk to the school bus stop every morning across Deer Ridge Drive SE has turned into a safety concern for my children and myself – it is now dark, the pedestrian signs do not appear to be very visible and drivers travel fast in that area. Therefore, I am reaching out to other concerned residents and to the community for some information and support!

Looking Back in Deer Ridge – Pictorial look at the way we were. Submission by Jennifer Bass and Family.

Submission by J.Bass and Family.
Submission by J.Bass and Family.

Thank you to Jennifer Bass and Family for submitting these wonderful pictures of the Deer Ridge Community during the 1980’s. There are distinct lines of sight in these pictures that are no longer available today as they are blocked by houses and buildings. We appreciate the submission from Jennifer and her family.

If you have pictures, articles or stories from the past in Deer Ridge and you feel comfortable with having them displayed in the Deer Ridge Review and on the Blog, please contact Bob Hall – and we can add them to this feature. If you would like to add comments or tell a story regarding the pictures, please include it with the submission.

Tell us your Story – “HOME” Photograph submitted by Diane Lum


I read in the community newsletter that you were looking for photos of the Deer Ridge community. Here is one I took of my son in the community ice rink just behind our home. This photo was used in an exhibit called the Urban Exposure Project, a United Way initiative. The theme was “community” and I thought this image, with the “light painting” using long exposure, was a perfect representation of my community.

– Diane Lum