Deer Ridge Community Association – Be Part of It!

Led by Your Neighbourhood Community Volunteers

Community associations (CAs) are led by volunteers – your neighbours! Deer Ridge CA is completely volunteer run by passionate folks in your neighbourhood. Deer Ridge CA engages residents for input on programs and services to offer, then raise the funds to deliver these wonderful opportunities to you!

Operate & Maintain Community Facilities and Amenities

Community association volunteers operate and maintain local outdoor rinks, community gardens, and tennis courts.

Advocate on Behalf of Community Voice

Community associations can act as a community voice in your neighbourhood. They engage residents on urban planning projects and can represent your community’s perspective at City of Calgary consultation meetings. CAs can also advocate on behalf of community voice on social, cultural, environmental and community issues.

Membership-Based Organization – We Need You

Community associations are membership-based. This means that though CAs are governed and operated by your community volunteers, they are accountable to their members. By becoming a member, not only do you enjoy access to free or low-cost programs, but your voice also influences what services community associations offer, advocacy efforts and the governance of an organization.

We look forward to welcoming you to Deer Ridge CA!