Proposed Bottle Depot – Decision of BCMB

The Beverage Container Management Board has concluded the final review of Application No. BC-20-028 Relocation of AMPM Bottle Depot to Deer Valley Village Plaza. The announcement and letter for details regarding the BCMB decision may be viewed on their website.

the Depot, currently permitted at 130, 10725-74 Street SE, Calgary AB. The proposed new location was: 1172 & 1176 - 137 Avenue, Calgary AB Application Number: BC-20-028 The Final Review of this application to relocate has concluded and the application has been denied. Any interested parties may refer to the letter below for details regarding the BCMB’s decision on the matter.

IN THE MATTER OF A DEPOT PERMIT APPLICATION FOR CHANGE OF LOCATION IN RELATION TO THE AMPM BOTTLE DEPOT SUBMITTED TO THE BCMB MAY 1, 2020 DECISION OF THE BCMB I. INTRODUCTION This the decision of the Beverage Container Management Board (“BCMB”) with respect to a Depot Permit Application for Change of Location (the “Application”) on behalf of the AMPM Bottle Depot (“AMPM Depot”). For the reasons set out in the decision, the Application is refused.