Lest We Forget

The Memory Project

We Will Remember

Dear Grace,

Thank-you for your kind words, your courage, and gift to a very grumpy, grizzled veteran.

Remembrance Day is a raw emotional event. A self-defense mechanism deployed, by the veteran, is to scowl and growl at anyone who dares engage. Demeanor is further affected by the cold chill on bones, nagging shrapnel bumps, heightened scanning of the crowd, and import of the day.

Holding your artwork you approached from a distance then hesitated. He was looking in your direction. The big breath you took and next step forward did not go unnoticed. You kept walking until you stood one pace in front of him, offered up your painting, smiled and said, “Thank-you”. When the veteran bent down to hear you, it was only then he realized, you, being all of maybe seven years old, just touched his heart with you sweet kindness.

Many years later, your honour of Remembrance Day is well kept and looked upon often. The brush strokes invoke the little girl who thoughtfully painted it and brought a gentle tear to a random veteran.