2 comments on “Deer Ridge Community Clean Up May 4, 2013

  1. So sorry I missed the clean up, slept in after 9 because I just got back from vacation. I did come later in the morning to participate but no one there to direct me to a clean up location. Took advantage of the junk collection and did clean up the green space beside and behind my house on Bow Bottom. Wonderful project, thankyou!!

    • Hi Pat,
      Sorry we missed you.
      I was there from 8:30 – 11-30 am and then from 1 – 2 directing people in the parking lot. We must have missed each other. All the volunteers were out to the parks and the ridge by 9:30. I”m glad you were able to bring your junk and get rid of it. It was a very successful day and many were able to “Dump their Junk’
      Bob Hall
      Deer RIDGE CA

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