Red Cross Babysitting Course

The Deer Ridge Community Association occasionally sponsors a Red Cross Babysitter’s Program. The course is run in spring (or near to) and if there is enough interest, one may also be run in the fall.

The course is a one day class held on a Saturday from 9:00 am – 5:00pm. Students must be between 11 – 16 years old and have permission of their parent/guardian to attend.

The Deer Ridge Community Association covers the costs for the program for children of Deer Ridge Community Association Members. The most recent class was held May 2016.

At this time there are no further classes planned however if you are interested, please contact the membership coordinator ( ) to have your contact information and student’s name(s) added to a list for future Red Cross Babysitter’s Program date.

4 thoughts on “Red Cross Babysitting Course

  1. Hello,

    I’m looking for a occasional babysitter (evenings and weekends) with in the Deer Ridge Community. Where could I find a list of available babysitters please? Thank you for your help!


    1. Good Day Iwona,

      The February edition of the Deer Ridge Journal will have a list of babysitters. The publisher of the newsletter, Great-News extracts the list from The list in February’s edition includes babysitters from various communities but all offering services to Deer Ridge.

      The Deer Ridge Community Association has sponsored over fifteen youth for the Red Cross Certification course. At this time I do not have permission to release their contact information.

      For the March edition of the newsletter, I would be happy to include your request in a section of the “Message From Board” along with your contact information.

      Kind Regards,
      Dawn Wallace
      Membership Coordinator
      Deer Ridge Community Association


  2. Can you please email me with the the next available babysitting course with prices please. I want to register my 13 year old


    1. Good Day,
      The babysitting course is offered free to youth (11-16 yrs) living with Deer Ridge Community Association members. The next planned course date is in Spring of 2016 however if there is enough interest, a Fall 2015 course date could be set. I’ve added your name and email contact to list for pre-registration, of your 13 year old, for next course.

      Kind Regards,


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