Volunteer Casino General Manager Duties

Position: General Manager or Alternate General Manager

The role of the general manager is to supervise all aspects of the casino, ensuring the casino is conducted according to CTCOG. The general manager works closely with the casino facility games manager, and alternate general manager who assumes duties in the absence of the general manager.

General Manager or Alternate General Manager Duties:

Operational Functions:
• ensures a general manager or alternate, a banker and one cashier are at the facility a minimum of one (1) hour prior to
casino opening;
• ensures the remainder of the required volunteers are at the facility a minimum of one (1) hour prior to casino opening;
• ensures count room staff are present a minimum of 15 minutes prior to scheduled shift;
• ensures designated staff are in place and that they signed in and out at the start and end of their shifts with system access cards on the CasinoTrack system.
• begins the casino event by entering the appropriate information from the licence into the CasinoTrack system;
• witnesses interim and final pull of drop boxes;
• fills in for other positions as required on a temporary basis; assumes duties to enable a volunteer to take a break or to fill a position that becomes vacant;
• assigns another volunteer to fill a vacant position for the duration of the licence period; and
• signs all “Discrepancy Reports” in addition to the advisor or the games manager.

Financial Transactions:
• counts and verifies the opening cash bankroll and the opening chip inventory received from the casino facility each day;
• witnesses transfer of cash from count room supervisor to banker;
• ensures closing cage bankroll, next day’s opening float and chips are in secure overnight storage;
• maintains control and ensures secure transfer of deposits to bank;
– ensures all entries into the CasinoTrack system are completed as required;
• investigates fully any error, procedural irregularity, or other breach of CTCOG and reports to the Regulatory Services
• reports immediately to the Compliance Division, any volunteer in personal possession of casino chips;
• returns remaining chips to the facility operator and enters the informationon the CasinoTrack system;
• returns and signs, after the close of the event, to the casino facility licensee or designate, cash, equal to
the opening cash bankroll received the morning of each day;
• returns all cash remaining except Caribbean Poker hard count and chip overage/shortage, in the event of a loss;
• returns cash equal to the opening bankroll, after the conclusion of all related tasks, to the casino facility licensee; verification of the return of this bankroll is to be obtained from the operator’s designate; alternate arrangements, once approved by the AGLC, could include:
– original casino float is deposited to the licensed group’s designated bank account and the operator is issued a cheque for the total amount at the conclusion of the event; the operator must acknowledge receipt of same; or
– original casino float, once verified by the operator or designate, is individually packaged and dropped through into the bona fide courier services safe; this float would be turned over by the courier service to the operator on the morning of the first day of a casino event.

• ensures secure handling and storage of chips and cash at all times during the casino event;
• enforces access provisions to restricted areas;
• keeps the safe combination confidential, or maintains possession of safe keys (if applicable);
• and ensures adequate security personnel are on duty.