City of Calgary Land Use Bylaw regarding bottle depot

The City of Calgary Land Use Bylaw 1P2007
Deemed Uses
134.1 Item (7) In any development permit or Direct Control District approved after the effective date of this Bylaw, a Beverage Container Drop-Off
Depot is deemed to be the Recyclable Material Drop-Off Depot.
PART 4 – Division 2: Defined Uses
274.2 “Recyclable Material Drop-Off Depot”
(a) means a use where:
(i) bottles and other beverage containers are taken for
return and reimbursement of the recycling deposit
applied to the container at the time the beverage is
purchased; or
(ii) other types of recyclable material, which do not require
the refund of a deposit may be returned;
(iii) bottles, beverage containers, and other types of
recyclable material may be sorted and stored on site;
(iv) that does not include Tire Recycling or Recyclable
Construction Material Collection Depot
(b) is a use within the Industrial Support Group in Schedule A to
this Bylaw;
(c) must not be a combined use with a Liquor Store;
(d) when located within 300.0 metres to a parcel designated as a
residential district, must:
(i) not have any outside storage of carts, bottles, other
beverage containers, other recyclable material,
palettes, or cardboard boxes;
(ii) not allow for loading or the movement of recyclable
material from the premise between the hours of
(iii) not have compaction of materials occurring outside of a
(e) unless otherwise referenced in subsection (d):
(i) must provide total concealment, through a solid
screen or fence, for any materials located outside of a
(ii) may be required to demonstrate how impacts such as
debris, grocery carts, litter or recyclable material will be
(f) requires a minimum of 2.5 motor vehicle parking stalls per
100.0 square metres of gross usable floor area;
(g) does not require bicycle parking stalls – class 1; and
(h) requires a minimum of 1.0 bicycle parking stalls – class 2
per 250.0 square metres of gross usable floor area.
Division 5: Commercial – Community 2 f#h#
(C-C2f#h#) District
757 Purpose
757 (1) The Commercial – Community 2 District is intended to be characterized by:
(a) large commercial developments;
(b) developments that are on the boundary of several communities;
(c) developments that are comprehensively designed with several buildings;
(d) development that has a wide range of use sizes and types;
(e) buildings that are slightly higher than nearby low density residential areas;
(f) opportunities for commercial uses to be combined with office and residential uses in the same development;
(g) building locations, setback areas and landscaping that buffer residential districts from commercial developments;
(h) motor vehicle access to sites;
(i) pedestrian connections from public sidewalks, to and between buildings;
(j) varying building density established through maximum floor area ratios for individual parcels; and
(k) varying building height established through maximum building height for individual parcels.
(2) Areas of land greater than 12 hectares and less than 3.2 hectares should not be designated Commercial – Community 2 District.
758 Permitted Uses
758 (1) The following uses are permitted uses in the Commercial – Community 2 District:
(a) Park;
(b) Sign – Class A;
(c) Sign – Class B;
(d) Sign – Class D; and
(e) Utilities.(2) The following uses are permitted uses in the Commercial – Community 2 District if they are located within existing approved buildings:
(a) Accessory Food Service;
(b) Amusement Arcade;(b.1) deleted
(c) Catering Service – Minor;
(d) Computer Games Facility;
(e) Convenience Food Store;
(f) Counselling Service;
(g) Financial Institution;
(h) Fitness Centre;
(i) Health Services Laboratory – With Clients;
(j) Home Based Child Care – Class 1;
(k) Home Occupation – Class 1;
(l) Information and Service Provider;
(m) Instructional Facility;
(n) Library;
(o) Medical Clinic;
(p) Museum;
(q) Office;
(r) Pawn Shop;
(s) Pet Care Service;
(t) Power Generation Facility – Small;
(u) Print Centre;
(v) Protective and Emergency Service;
(v.1) Recyclable Material Drop-Off Depot;