Abuse Prevention Protocol

We are required by insurance provider to have an Abuse Prevention Protocol.

Please download the Abuse Prevention Protocol, sign and return to us. All volunteers need to have read the document. If download/print is not option, the document can be mailed to you upon request. Thank-you very much!

Recognizing the Signs
What Are Some General Signs Of Abuse?

There are a number of general indicators that may alert you to the possibility of some form of mistreatment. These indicators are not necessarily proof of abuse, but they do warrant further investigation. These general indicators include:

° recurring physical ailments with no apparent bodily cause
° eating disorders
° extreme, unusual behaviour, such as aggression, compliance, depression or withdrawal
° unusual fear of a particular person or persons
° sudden change in feelings about a particular person or place
° nightmares and sleep disturbances
° self destructive behaviour, such as drug/alcohol abuse, self-mutilation or running away
° lack of attachment to care-givers
° compulsive lying and/or confusion regarding personal reality
° regression to infantile behaviour

In addition to these general indicators, there are more specific indicators for each type of abuse.

Please visit Government of Alberta link: Abuse and bullying “Prevention resources and help for victims of bullying, family violence, sexual abuse and exploitation and child and elder abuse.”

To report suspected abuse or neglect: Contact police services. Call 911 if someone is in immediate danger.